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  1. You are incredible. Thanks for taking a few off days so we can be there to see those final steps, what an accomplishment. You’ve always been a great and decent human being, a good son, you and your brother. I am truly blessed. I’m so thankful and happy that I get to congratulate you in person. Love, your proud momma.

  2. Hey Anthony, WAY TO GO – you’re almost there!!! Sounds like it has been an amazing adventure with a lot of great stories and memories!!! I’m happy to read your mom will be there to greet you. I happened to hear her on Y98 talking about you today and the weird thing is I don’t listen to that station very often. Enjoy the weather in San Diego! I hope you’re flying or at least taking a bus home:). Love, Maria, Bryan, Hunter and Jared

  3. Hi Anthony and family,

    Mary Lou and I were delighted to have met you, even for such a brief moment compared to the time of your epic journey. We wish you continued success in all your endeavors as you move through the years to come. Should you pass our way again, our home is always open to you. Please extend our congratulations to your Mom and Dad…for raising such a fine young man.

    All the best, Larry Pustinger and Mary Lou Lackey

  4. Just saw you at the beach in Del Mar…. congratulations doesn’t seem like enough to say but congratulations all the same!

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