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  1. Congratulations Anthony! Very impressive…we are all looking forward to your reflections. I know you didn’t do this to write a book, you have had such a unique experience from the average person. It is a unique perspective that we are all curious to live vicariously through your eyes. Congrats!
    Karen (from the Thanksgiving stop)

  2. Congrats man that is really awesome that you got that in your head and did it. Most people wouldnt have even started, but you did and you finished!! Everyone in America should look up to you since you did this and know that anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it. Great Job man!!

  3. Awesome! I’m really happy that you safely made it across. I’ve been checking your progress since first seeing you at Johnny’s Pizza in Monroe. I’ve throughly enjoyed seeing the country from your perspective on foot. After 2 cross-country trips (by car) last year, I realize now more than ever what a beautiful country we live in. How awesome are you for having the desire to see it not by car but by the most basic form of transportation so many of us take for granted. Kudos Anthony!

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