Up in the Air

One hour. One hour until I board a plane at San Diego International. In 12 hours I will be back at the Atlantic Ocean where all of this amazing nonsense started. 12 hours (two layovers included) to go the same distance that took me 5 and a half months by foot. I am looking forward to going back home in St. Louis, but for now I’m heading out to Key West, Florida to visit a good friend for a week. Talk to you soon. :)

Perfectly good socks

Twenty more days. Twenty. Hell, maybe even nineteen. No distractions of motel televisions the last few days brought to me some realizations. There ARE definitely things about this I will miss. Many of them I’m not able to foresee right now but some of them… You know that feeling when you miss someone who is getting ready to leave but they haven’t even left yet and are standing right there in front of you? Yeah, you know it. Well here are just a few of mine.

A relative stranger will never introduce me to another stranger as “Here’s that guy who’s walking across the country” again.

A gas station will be… A gas station. Oh man I could go on and on about how much I love gas stations right now. They have soda! And people! Real live walking and talking people. I’m lucky to be able to tell if it’s a male or female driver behind the metal and glass that pass me constantly. They have power outlets to charge my phone! Bathrooms to wash my hands and well, you know! And where I’m from in the Midwest it’s not all that common but in the south and in Texas they have bench seats. A place to enjoy everything I’ve just mentioned (not the bathroom part obviously).

Socks. I’m not going to retire my “walking” socks. I mean they are perfectly good socks. But I know as I put them on going to a familiar place, isn’t the same at all as now, where I put them on and see something new every day. Now I know them as usually foul smelling, wouldn’t want anyone to come near them, nasty ol’ things, soon they will become constant reminders.

Although, I do have many things to look forward to. A bed every night is indeed more comfortable than the ground. Familiar faces, something that only exists in my mind now, will be welcomed. I wouldn’t consider myself a huge video game player but lately I have been daydreaming about playing Madden Football until 4 AM before my day off and complaining to my little brother about how “so and so” is injured for the year.

I am walking across the country and living a hundred lives while doing so.

Westward still

Okay look, if you keep up with this blog then you can see that lately I have not. Why? Well I can safely tell you that I have not grown sick of the walk. Really, the walk has just become much more of a natural thing. I do not appreciate the small things, the big things, the beautiful things, man made, or nature any less. They have simply become a part of me so much that I find it hard to verbally describe anything I feel would be worthwhile. At this point it would be like writing a blog on riding a bike. I am at the point now where I am riding that bike like a bat out of hell ( I heart meatloaf). And on top of that, I realize that although I am becoming used to it, you aren’t. I enjoy sharing my experiences with you, but I am not an aspiring writer. Sometimes I just get so caught up in the beauty around me that I couldn’t care about anything else, nonetheless a website. I hope my words and photos give you some hope. Here’s some thoughts..

As a teen, for no good reason, I always wanted to camp in the desert. No one ever wanted to. Sometimes you just have to do it yourself. I did so last night. The Sonoran Desert in central Arizona was the place. I found a spot around 50 yards or so from the road and set up my tent and a small fire. It was the first fire I’ve ever started on my own. It was also a fire that I started out of boredom and not to cook food or for warmth. Nevertheless it made for a good photo.

I am relieved that since Tucson my daytime temperatures are back to short and T shirt temperature. 70’s during the day, high 30’s to low 40’s at night. I can deal with that.

I have found that the sun and “nice” temperatures have quite an effect on me. I may indeed be solar powered. Lately I have been walking with a heightened determination and a hunger that only miles can fill. Sunglasses and headphones for my music are just a fraction more important than food and water to me. I daydream of such light things as flying and falling in love. And wondering if it would feel as good as this does. What I’m saying is that I can feel that I am almost done. I am less than 300 miles from the beach of San Diego, California. Maybe it will change, or maybe I will continue to blissfully strive vigorously and silently until land lets out and I’m only left with ocean. Whatever happens, I am happy, I am humble, and I shall move westward still.