Thank you

I would like to thank the following people for contributing to me in any way. I apologize if I did not get your name but appreciate your kindness fully:

Sorry for not keeping up with the list!! There are hundreds of amazing people that I owe thank you’s too! :)

Elaine Lewis
Chris Rule
Nick and Melissa Phillips
Tim Reeves, Savannah
Joe and Jeff Hardy
Lee Hendren
Dale Cox
Will and all of Goose Creek Waffle House
Lauren Stilwell

9 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. We really enjoy following your progress and hope all is well. It’s nice to read of ur travels . What next ? Columbia ?

    • Actually headed the direction of Augusta. So onto Branchville it is tomorrow! Also, someone told me today that it’s too risky these parts to walk in the high grass next to the roads so as long as it’s not a semi or huge truck to just stay on the white line and let the cars move over. Agree? Disagree?

  2. Hi Anthony. I’m Nick Albright’s Mom. I read about you and your journey in the leader before I even knew that you and my son were friends. Nick asked me if I saw the article and told me how he knew you and I’ve been reading your blog and keeping up with your journey. I think it’s so cool and admire your enthusiasm to follow your dream and also your sweet innocence and youthfulness. These experiences will be profound on your life. I love all the good that is coming to you from all the good people in our country. I pray for your safe and adventurous journey and that you are well nourished in mind, body, and spirit. Love A Mom, Stephanie Smith.

    • Thank you :) yeah nick is a great guy and a good friend. He has been behind me 100% it has been such a great experience so far and may be the best decision I’ve made yet. I sort of did this because I am so grateful for the easy life that I have back home and was hungry for a challenge. There have been very few challenging moments in my eyes so far. A ton of it is due to great kindness and compassion from strangers but a part of it too is me realizing that I’m a stronger person mentally than I thought I was and that I just see the good in most situations. I would like to be able to harness this for good once I’m done with this so maybe I will find my occupational calling during my trip. Who knows. :)

  3. Hi Anthony
    This is Gary Mitchell, looks like your doing pretty good on your trip.
    Just wondered why you waited to start this time of year.
    I am planning on walk in my state, West Virginia, of about 60 miles. in April 2012
    Looking forward to doing it.
    Be safe on your trip

  4. Hi, I remember seeing you a while ago walking down 78 in South Carolina. I was coming back from Buds Bow Shop with my dad when I saw you and read your bag. I thought it was interesting ang decided to check it out. Everytime i think of this i think of Forrest Gump and how he ran back and forth haha!! Good luck out there!!!

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